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I live by the motto: Faith, Love & Creativity

Designing is my passion. As a child, art was my world. I would lose myself sketching cartoons, logos, clothes and even still life. This early love affair with colors and patterns inspired me to eventually pursue a career that I truly loved and allowed me to grow. At BDavis Designs, I take pride in every detail, every step of the way. It’s my priority to make sure the client’s creative concepts are managed professionally and with care.

Merch by BDavis Designs

It all started after February 16, 2018. This was the release day of Black Panther and I had tickets. I had the perfect outfit – an African print top, black pants with flat over-knee-boots. THOSE boots will turn out to be a bad decision. The weather was great. I felt awesome and was ready for the day. I tracked my train and headed out with a smile on my face. The snow had melted, I could almost skip down the walkway. And I almost did just that until BOOM … I slipped. Yes, I slipped.